Dr. Tajkarimi is a board-certified urologist, robotic prostate & kidney surgeon, medical device developer & female pelvic floor specialist. He has special focus in penile implant surgery, male & female sexual dysfunction, male enhancement, cosmetic vaginal surgery, laser aesthetics, body contouring and liposculpting.

Laser Tattoo Removal

FracTAt is Q-Switched Laser Pico Second Power in a Nanosecond Laser Pulse.

  • Have Regrets?
  • Change your look with FracTat laser tattoo removal
  • What seemed meaningful in the past may no longer be the case.

What are the options for tattoo removal?

There  are several  options for removing  an unwanted tattoo, including  older methods such as acid peels  and surgical excision. However these procedures are quite painful and can cause  permanent scarring. My StarWalker laser tattoo removal is a more effective solution to change or remove a tattoo.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The  tattoo  is treated  with very short,  deeply penetrating laser  pulses. The laser energy is absorbed by the pigments in the ink which break down into tiny particles. These particles are then naturally removed from the body by its own immune system.

Procedure Time:

10 Min



Recovery Time

4 – 32 H

Down Time

2 – 5 Days

Final Results

6 weks



Sessions Recommended:

1 Session every 6 – 8 Weeks

Does the procedure hurt?

The laser pulse creates a sensation that feels similar to a quick snap  from a rubber band on your skin. Most people generally compare the feeling to the initial tattoo procedure itself.

Can all colours be removed?

The   Starwalker   laser, with   its unique combination   of laser wavelengths, can remove all common tattoo ink colors including; black and dark tones, light blues, reds, tans and greens.

Are there any side effects?

There are minimal side effects, however you could experience redness,  swelling and minor blistering of the skin. These reactions are normal. You should avoid picking at any blisters or scabs and allow your skin to heal on its own.

How many treatments are necessary?

The  number  of treatments  required depends  on the size of the  tattoo as well as its  location, depth and colour.  Black and red inks are usually  easier to remove than other shades.  Older and amateur tattoos are also typically  easier to remove than professional tattoos. After each laser treatment the tattoo slowly begins to fade as your body removes the broken down pigments.

  • Safe and effective
  • No bleeding or scarring
  • No anesthesia required
  • Minimal side effects
  • Addresses all tattoo colours
Vaginal Health Institute

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Many patients at ALIA travel considerable distances for our expertise in this procedure.  We are located 10 minutes from Dulles International Airport with direct flights to/from many cities worldwide.  We facilitate this process by providing the option of same-day consultation/same-day surgery. This is arranged in advance and by request at the time that you contact our office. Pre-operative blood-work testing will need to be performed in advance through a local physician or lab near your home. Dr. Tajkarimi will review your situation to determine if this is an appropriate option. If you fly, or if your drive home is more than 2 hours, we recommend that you stay in the area overnight after your surgery so that Dr. Tajkarimi and his team can evaluate you for proper healing on the day after surgery; afterwards, you may travel home.  There are many excellent and cost effective hotel options in Herndon, Dulles, and Reston Virginia.
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