Dr. Tajkarimi is a board-certified urologist, robotic prostate & kidney surgeon, medical device developer & female pelvic floor specialist. He has special focus in penile implant surgery, male & female sexual dysfunction, male enhancement, cosmetic vaginal surgery, laser aesthetics, body contouring and liposculpting.

Office Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck procedures come in many different shapes and sizes to treat a wide range of problems from loose skin,  to loose muscles, to stretch marks & unwanted scars.  Dr. Tajkarimi and his team can determine what is exactly needed in your situation to optimize most functional and cosmetic results.

Tummy tucks can be combined with Lipo procedures, fat injections and Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation.

At your consultation we will examine you thoroughly, give  you a long list of choices that you probably didn’t even know existed and help you make accurate informed decisions.


Learn about your options regarding incision placement, belly button management (umbilicoplasty techniques), and muscle tightening (rectus fascia plication) and the many ways in which they can be combined to best suit your needs.


Mini Tummy Tucks
Designed for those with looseness below the belly button only, these procedures combine full tummy Lipo with a nip and tuck of excess Bikini Zone skin to give tightness and an ultra low-riding scar. The umbilicus and the abdomimal muscles are not involved in this procedure.

​Full Tummy Tucks

This is The Works for those seeking upper and lower abdominal skin tightening, maximal stretch mark removal, a tight rejuvenated umbilical zone and contouring along the hips. Options include Lipo, Muscle Tightening, and Brazilian Butt Augmentation combinations.

​Lipo Tummy Tucks

Also known as lipo-abdominoplasty, this style of tummy tuck surgery was developed in Brazil in the late 1990s. Unlike a traditional-style full tummy tuck, lipoabdominoplasty uses liposuction instead of full separation of the deeper layers of the abdominal wall to permit stretching and tightening of the belly. It also preserves important blood vessels and nerves and tends to have a faster and more comfortable recovery. Lipo tummy tucks have become extremely popular over the past few years.


Muscle Tightening
Childbearing blasts a gap down the center of the abdominal six-pack muscles leaving you with a rounded potbelly which won’t respond to diet or exercise. Muscle tightening combined with Full Tummy Tuck surgery closes the gap, reduces the potbelly and restores flatness better than any nonsurgical option. Your condition may require either full length or lower abdomen only muscle tightening.

​Umbilical Transposition

Umbilical transposition is the traditional option for managing the navel during tummy tuck surgery. The skin and fat surrounding the umbilicus are released from the level of the skin down to the level of the abdominal muscle fascia leaving the navel attached to the body. The skin and fat of the tummy tuck flap are then pulled down tight and the original belly button is brought back to the surface through a new window in the mid-abdomen.

​Scarless Umbilicoplasty

Also known as the Floating Umbilicoplasty, this is a Brazilian technique used during tummy tuck surgery for women who are afraid of developing ugly scars or keloids around their belly button if they opt for umbilical transposition or for certain women seeking an ultra-low tummy tuck scar. Unlike umbilical transpostition, the skin around the umbilicus is left attached to the belly button. The umbilicus is “unbuttoned” from it’s deep connections below the skin and brought down to a slightly lower position on the belly.
This is the removal of the umbilicus & the creation of a new umblicus. The technique is used when the exisiting umbilicus is unsuitable for cosmetic enhancement or repair. There are several techniques that we utilize depending upon the specifics of the situation


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